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08 / 24 / 2017
  - 07:26:16 AM
Voting Registration Deadline Approaches

By MyFM's Rick Michaels - Residents of Milford who are not registered voters but would like to have their voice heard on the town's Marijuana ban ballot question next monthhave a week left to register.  This can be done at the Town Clerk's Office with the deadline being next Wednesday night August 30th at eight o’clock.  Absentee ballots are also available if you will be out of town or have a disability that prevents you from heading to the polls on September 19th.  On that note, the Milford Board of Selectmen voted to slightly change the wording of the question, that if approved, would ban the recreational sale of Marijuana in town.  If you already received and voted on the “yellow” ballot and mailed it in you can re-vote if you would prefer.  The second ballot sent out is “salmon”  in color and the Town Clerks Office is asking residents to return any ballots not used.