06 / 21 / 2017
  - 02:23:39 PM
This NBA Offseason Is A Wild One

By MyFM's Jake Archer - My head is honestly spinning as I start to write this because the NBA offseason has driven me over the edge. It’s just chaos on top of chaos and while I love it, I don’t even really know how to get my thoughts together for this article. There is just too much going on with too many players and too many teams right now. I want to predict what’s going to happen or say what I want to happen but I can’t because there are just too many possible scenarios.

The NBA offseason is always wild, but this year it is just on another level. We have rumors getting dropped on our heads every two minutes. It’s impossible to keep up with and think about before the next thing comes and the last report is irrelevant. There are players tweeting out cryptic messages and others tweeting about trades while getting traded themselves. Unnamed sources are leaking info and talking heads are speculating about anything and everything.

There are two things that I think are contributing to this becoming an even more hectic time than usual. First, I think teams are really thinking about how they can adjust to the super team era. I initially thought that Golden State had ruined the NBA by making it so hard to compete with them, but maybe they made it more entertaining. Now everyone else has to scramble and catch up. The second thing that I think plays into all this wildness is that fact that the players really run this league. They play chess while the teams play checkers. It isn’t just a guy like LeBron James who can call the shots anymore, it’s almost everyone from Jimmy Butler down to Josh Jackson.

In the middle of it all is the Boston Celtics. They are the team that holds all of the cards and yet you never know what hand they are going to play. I’m consumed by thinking about what is going to go down and how the landscape of the league will change, but I also know that nothing means anything until a move is actually made. It hurts my brain to keep thinking about it.

I guess I’ll just come back with some reaction to things that actually happen rather than reacting to rumors. It’ll prevent me from going totally insane and writing another ten articles about all of the different goings on in the wildest league in the world

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