08 / 14 / 2017
  - 06:45:06 AM
This Kid's Reaction To Seeing Where His Favorite Team Plays Is Priceless

By MyFM's Ray Auger - It never fails.  Everytime I drive to and from Boston and pass that timeless green structure on Yawkey Way I get a bit choked up.  Whether it's a year I'm excited about or not, you can't deny the amazing history that encompasses that small Boston neighborhood.  The same is true as you come up the hill, get past a mass of trees and a slight bend in the road that hides Gillette Stadium just off Route 1 on Foxboro.  

For some it's spiritual, for some it's genetic and for some it's as simple as that memory of the first time you laid your eyes on it.  This is how fans are born...




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