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01 / 17 / 2018
  - 09:10:08 AM
The Local Lowdown

Monday January 22nd

Chip Zale Open Mic at TD's in Milford


Tuesday January 23rd


Wednesday January 24th

Cindy Lou and the Guitar Boyfriends at Jasper Hill in Holliston

Chyld Zupport w/Chip, Jake and Chris at TD's in Milford


Matt Zajac at Sidewalk Cafe in New York City


Thursday January 25th

Chris Fitz's Back Porch Acoustic Hoedown at Jasper Hill in Holliston


Friday January 26th

Tequila Bonfire at Central Tavern in Milford

Overdue at Liz's Diamond in Hopedale

Sheamus McShea at Pepperoncini's in Milford

The Lights Out Blues Band at Jasper Hill in Holliston

David Penza at Alumni in Franklin

Chip Zale at Turtle Tavern in Milford

Heather Deary at Kapi's in Uxbridge

American Chop Suey at The Uptowne Pub in Franklin


Saturday January 27th

Fran Fenton at Pepperoncini's in Milford

Clay Brown and the Butchtones at Liz's Diamond in Hopedale

Eleven at 140 Pub n Club in Bellingham

Delko at Central Tavern in Milford

The Fathoms at Jasper Hill in Holliston

David Brodeur at Alumni in Franklin

David Penza at Stone's in Ashland

ZeroDrift at The Tradesman in Milford

Sara Leketa and Lisa Addario (Aerochix) at CraftRoots Brewing in Milford


Northeast Groove at McT's in Cumberland, RI

The Road Dawgs at Battle Road Brew House in Maynard


Sunday January 28th

Sunday Blues Jam at Jasper Hill in Holliston


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