06 / 19 / 2017
  - 02:22:00 PM
The Celtics Officially Trade #1 Overall Pick To Philadelphia

By MyFM's Jake Archer - What a wild weekend for Celtics fans it was. It started with the wild news on Friday night that the C’s and Philadelphia 76ers were working on a trade involving the #1 overall pick. This was the same top pick that Celtics fans had been waiting on for years. We had finally gotten it, we had picked out our new savior and our next superstar in Washington Huskies guard Markelle Fultz, and we were ready to see him become our franchise.

It all looked like such a formality at this point. I stupidly thought that Boston had tipped its hand and was in love with Fultz. I thought it would take a colossal overpay from another team to pry this pick away. But I guess that shows how much I still have to learn. Danny Ainge is the ultimate trickster and the ultimate gambler. He didn’t love Fultz at all and in fact, it sounds like the Celtics were less than impressed with his workout in Boston. Apparently they were not sold on him being the best prospect, and Philadelphia is.

So after a bunch of reports and notifications on the possible trade, it seemed we finally had a deal. The Celtics and Sixers had agreed on what they would be doing but they would wait until Monday for the trade to become official. We did not really know what the trade entailed, but now we do. The Celtics traded the #1 overall pick to Philadelphia for the #3 overall pick and a future first rounder.

That future first rounder will really be the key to this deal as it could become very valuable, or possibly lose quite a bit of that luster by the time it is here. According to the Celtics official announcement, the future first rounder will either be Los Angeles Lakers 2018 lottery pick if it falls between #2 and #5. If it is not, the Celtics will receiver either Philadelphia or Sacramento’s first rounder in 2019, whichever is more favorable. However, it cannot be the first overall selection.

To break it down simply, the best-case scenario is getting the Lakers pick next year. We would hurt our rival and also receive a high selection in next year’s draft. The worst-case scenario would be Sacramento getting the #1 overall pick in 2019 and Philly being out of the lottery at that point. I don’t know if that is all that likely, but it’s not inconceivable.

The other thought is that these picks could become trade bait for an established star. There are rumors about guys like Jimmy Butler, Paul George and even Anthony Davis. If Danny Ainge ever swings a deal for Anthony Davis then all of this was worth it. When it comes to Jimmy Butler or Paul George though, I’ll be a little skeptical.

It’s really hard to judge this trade right now because to be honest, I think it’s a move that was made to make another move. I don’t really think we’ll be using these picks we received from Philly despite what Ainge says. I’ll be on high alert all week because the draft is scheduled for Thursday night and fireworks seem to be on the horizon from the Boston Celtics.



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