04 / 27 / 2017
  - 05:49:50 PM
Taking A Look At Some Of The 2017 NFL Draft’s Biggest Names

By MyFM's Jake Archer - Today is “Draft Day.” If you’re an NFL fan you are excited to tune in for the NFL Draft tonight and possibly tomorrow. If you’re a really big fan, you’ll even be monitoring it over the weekend. But tonight is the night with all the fun and intrigue because the stakes are high and your team may be drafting a big name.

If you’re a Patriots fan, the first round of the draft is usually boring because you usually have a late pick and you’ll probably take someone that no one has ever really thought about. This year though, the Patriots will likely have no pick during the first round because they have traded it away. They won’t have a pick until the 73rd overall, barring a move.

Yes, the Pats could still surprise us and pull off a blockbuster, but in the likely event that they don’t, I wanted to take a look at some of the guys that will probably be off the board before the Patriots even get a chance to pick. So, without further ado, here are some of the notable names that I’ll be watching out for tonight and early tomorrow. 

Defensive End Myles Garrett (6 foot 4, 272 lbs., 4.64 40 yard dash)

Myles Garrett has to be the #1 overall pick in this draft. He’s just too physically impressive. The guy has all the measurable and athleticism in the world. It’s very likely that he’ll be a beast and wreak havoc on the quarterbacks of the league for years to come. Yet for some reason, I don’t love him. I know it’s ridiculous, but some of the interviews I’ve heard and some of the stories out there about him make me worry. But, he’s the best player in the draft by far and if the Browns don’t take him first then I’ll mock them. Possible Teams: Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers

Running Back Leonard Fournette (6 feet, 240 lbs., 4.51)

Almost everyone knows about Leonard Fournette and has known about him for a few years now. He’s being compared to Adrian Peterson, which I think is a little lofty, but all signs do point to him being a pretty good NFL running back. Fournette is a big dude, and he loves contact. The knocks on him seem to be about his hands, his injury history and the fact that his hype was so high. I don’t have too many concerns about him and I think he’ll be the NFL’s Rookie of the Year. Possible Teams: Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets,

Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky (6 foot 4, 222 lbs., 4.67)

This is apparently the guy that the Browns are thinking of taking over Garrett with the first pick. I think that would be an all-time dumb move, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like Trubisky. I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch a ton of North Carolina football, but when I did see him play, he looked like an NFL guy. I don’t think he’s going first or second to San Francisco, but I also don’t see him falling that far. Too many teams need a young QB and I think Trubisky is the best option. Possible Teams: Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, Los Angeles Chargers, Buffalo Bills

Tight End OJ Howard (6 foot 6, 251 lbs., 4.51)

Man I would love for this guy to be a Patriot. Sadly, they won’t get close to him, as he is way too good to fall down draft boards. He didn’t put up crazy numbers at Alabama, but he has all the tools to be a great pro. Possible Teams: New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals, Indianapolis Colts

Wide Receiver Mike Williams (6 foot 4, 218 lbs., 4.50)

If you watched Clemson football at all, especially in the college football playoffs, you know this kid is going to be an impact player in the NFL right off the bat. He’s a big, tough and will absolutely be one of the top receivers in the league in short order. Possible Teams: Tennessee Titans, Chicago Bears, New York Jets, Los Angeles Chargers, Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills, New Orleans Saints

There are a bunch of other intriguing names and possibilities tonight but I just wanted to give you five of my personal favorites. Hopefully the night will be filled with drama and lots of boos for the commissioner, Roger Goodell!


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