05 / 11 / 2016
  - 04:32:54 PM
Sydney Brake - Hopedale High School


Sydney Brake is a very bright and independent young lady. She has a sense of self that a lot of kids her age do not have and is always kind to everyone. She demonstrates maturity and pragmatism inside the classroom and out. She currently holds a 4.17 cumulative GPA and is enrolled in 6 honors classes. Sydney spends time outside of school volunteering with her Girl Scout Troop as well as Riverside Day Care . She helps organize the pancake breakfast and serves food to members of the community.


Sydney is also a very talented artist and shows a great passion for her internship with the Drama Club. She is specifically in charge of designing and painting the set pieces, organizing stage crew meetings, and designing the t-shirts. She has a very  inventive imagination. She is persistent in her work ethic, thorough in her designs, and passionate about working collaboratively. Sydney knows how to manage herself and others in time restraints, she produces unique quality work, and she has a passion for creating two-dimensional and three- dimensional pieces.
Sydney is seriously contemplating pursuing an art career. Between this internship and professional modeling experience, Sydney knows the value of an art career.

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