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12 / 21 / 2017
  - 04:37:20 PM
State Rep Brian Murray Defines Affordable Housing

By MyFM's Rick Michaels - State Representative Brian Murray of Milford says the current problem with the definition of affordable housing in Massachusetts is that it doesn’t provide an accurate assessment of a community’s commitment to affordable housing.  Testifying before the Joint Committee on Housing on a bill he filed, Representative Murray says his bill would extend the definition to include single-family housing units or condominium units, which have an assessed value of not more than 200-thousand dollars. Any community with less than 10-percent of its housing stock defined as affordable is subject to a housing development under Chapter 40B, which can override local zoning laws most significantly in terms of density. 

Murray says Milford for example has 11,379 housing units.  Meaning 1,138 must fall within the definition of low or moderate income housing.  Milford has 708 such units, 430 units short of 10-percent.  If his bill was to pass, there are 729-condos and 298-homes assessed under 200-thousand dollars which would put Milford well over 10-percent and the town would not be subject to Chapter 40B housing developments.