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11 / 17 / 2017
  - 11:08:14 AM
Police Search For Pipe Bomb Suspect

By MyFM's Rick Michaels - Blackstone Police say as a result of an isolated incident that occurred in the town last night, and following several 9-1-1 calls, authorities are now looking for a suspect in what was a pipe-bomb explosion of a car outside a home on Lakeshore Drive owned by the Principal of Bellingham High School.  The homeowner heard a loud bang that shook his house last night around 6:15pm and, it turns out, there was an explosion involving the homeowner's vehicle, which was heavily damaged.   No one was hurt.  Initial reports indicate the homeowner was targeted.  Some evidence was recovered at the scene to indicate it was a home-made device.  Authorities are going over all the evidence gathered in Worcester while at Bellingham High School there is more of a police presence today as classes are proceeding as normal and as they search for a suspect who may have crossed state lines into Rhode Island.  Assisting with the search and investigation are Woonsocket Police, Rhode Island Police, Bellingham Police and the State Police Bomb Squad.  Blackstone Police ensuring residents with a tweet early that the incident is isolated and there is NO danger to the public.