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01 / 28 / 2015
  - 10:45:39 AM
Police and Highway Departments Weathered Storm Well

Our area towns are weathering the Blizzard of 2015 and today will be  a clean up day for highway departments and home owners.  In Milford, police had several calls about people throwing snow into the roadway after they had been plowed.  This is a town bylaw violation.

Chief Tom O'Loughlin told WMRC that everything went extremely well.  People cooperated by staying off the roads, with a few exceptions, and calls for service were minimal.  The department transported numerous medical staff to and from the hospital and there were no power losses.

Highway crews battled the storm for hours in white out conditions making it very difficult to see.  Police were called to five minor crashes and a jack-knifed tractor trailer truck on Route 495.