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04 / 07 / 2017
  - 01:35:44 PM
Plans To Move Liberty Bell Replica Into State House

By MyFM's Rick Michaels - Two local lawmakers are supporting legislation that would commission a feasibility study to re-locate the Liberty Bell replica, which is currently situated on the front porch of the Massachusetts State House.  Post 9-11 security measures around the grounds of the State House are no longer freely accessible to the public, leaving very limited access to the Liberty Bell Replica.  State Senator Michael Moore and State Representative David Muradian, who both represent Northbridge and Upton among other towns, have lent their support to moving the bell inside the State House.  This would allow anyone to fully view and appreciate this unique replica of an iconic symbol of American Independence.  Senator Moore and Representative Muradian say a proposed bill would establish a fund for the purpose of accepting donations to cover the cost of the relocation.