04 / 27 / 2017
  - 08:51:12 AM
Patriots NFL Draft Preview

By MyFM's Jake Archer - After months of talking about it, reading about it, seeing it on television and beating it into the ground, we are finally here! It’s the week of the NFL Draft. This year’s draft will be held in Philly and it all starts with round 1 on Thursday night starting at 8 p.m. I wanted to take a quick look at a few players that I believe the Patriots could be looking at adding and maybe some guys that I just wish they would add.

Also, I’m not going to give you any offensive line picks, because I don’t pretend to know things that I definitely don’t know about.

Without New England having a pick until the 3rd round as of right now, it’s going to be hard to forecast what they do. I wouldn’t doubt them making some kind of moves to reposition themselves at some point, and if they do, obviously a lot of these names change, but for now, I’ll roll with what I can. Here it goes.

Tight End Jake Butt (6 foot 5, 246 lbs., 4.74 40 yard dash)

The former Michigan Wolverine fits the Patriots mold perfectly. He isn’t an all-world athlete, but he’s smart, consistent and runs great routes. He was a captain at Michigan and contributed on the kickoff team as well. Butt tore his ACL in the Citrus Bowl and thus will miss most of his rookie season, but that only furthers my stance on why the Patriots should take him and while he’ll probably be available. He’s a second round talent that the Pats could get some great value on. With New England needing tight end insurance for the future, I really like Jake Butt as an option.

Defensive End/Outside Linebacker TJ Watt (6 foot 4, 252 lbs., 4.65)

The Patriots are almost certainly going to be looking at edge rushers in this draft and I think Watt fits the mold of what they look for. He’s tall, fast and versatile. He’s only started for one year at Wisconsin and likely needs some time to develop, but he seems to be a hard worker and a smart football player. Plus, his older brother is none other than JJ Watt. Yes, this means too much hype and way too many JJ Watt references, but if he’s still there on the board for the Pats, that stuff doesn’t matter and they need to take him.

Running back Christian McCaffrey (5 foot 11, 202 lbs., 4.48)

As far as running back goes, the Patriots are probably all set. Still, I won’t let that little detail get in the way of my dream of the Pats drafting Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey combines an exceptional inside running ability with elusiveness on the outside and ridiculous hands. He’d be the ultimate Patriot pick, but sadly I think it’s a pipe dream.

Swiss Army Knife Jabrill Peppers (5 foot 11, 213 lbs., 4.46)

Peppers was one of the best players in the nation at Michigan and can be used in a million different ways. He’d be an awesome toy for Bill Belichick to figure out how to use. He recently failed a drug test because of a diluted sample, which isn’t really a big deal, but it could possibly move him down in the draft a bit. He could be a playmaker on defense and a threat in the return game for the Pats.

Quarterback Nathan Peterman (6 foot 2, 226 lbs. 4.82)

The Patriots have worked out the Pittsburgh quarterback this offseason and may take a look if they do indeed decide to ship off Jimmy Garoppolo for a pile of picks. Peterman has similarities to Jimmy G., which has sparked intrigue in NFL circles about what Bill Belichick is thinking in regards to his backup quarterback situation.

Tight End Jeremy Sprinkle (6 foot 4, 252 lbs., 4.69)

Let’s be honest, I just like the idea of the Patriots adding the Arkansas tight end because his last name is Sprinkle.

Safety Obi Melifonwu (6 foot 4, 225 lbs. 4.40)

Do I like this guy because I’m a UConn Huskies fan? Yes. Do I like this guy because he had an absolutely ridiculous combine? Yes. Now that you now, don’t get mad at me and tell me he stinks because I never said I liked him because he’ll be good.

So there you have it, some of my picks for the Patriots to take a look at on draft day. There is a bunch of other guys but these are the ones that stand out to me. Knowing Bill Belichick, he’ll go for some no-names instead and turn them into notable players.




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