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10 / 05 / 2017
  - 02:20:29 PM
Milford Town Warrant Available For Viewing

By MyFM's Rick Michaels - The Milford Special Town Meeting will be taking place later this month and now the warrant is available to be reviewed by residents.  A warrant that includes 27-articles.  Among those articles is Article 14 to see if the town will vote to amend Zoning By-Laws in relation to the banning of recreational Marijuana Establishments.  There’s also articles to decide if the town should appropriate money for the purchase and equipping of a new Rescue Truck for the Fire Department, the taking by eminent domain properties on Central Street to be demolished and for the purchase of Chromebooks for every student in Grades 10-12 to be spent under the jurisdiction of the Milford School Committee.  Article 15 will create a Town Meeting Study and Improvement committee to, among other things, periodically conduct surveys of Town Meeting Members to assess their level of satisfaction and their recommendations for improvement.  The Milford Special Town Meeting will be held Monday night October 30th.  The warrant is now available on the town website.