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06 / 28 / 2017
  - 02:04:10 PM
Milford Town Meeting Tonight To Discuss Milford Water Purchase

By MyFM's Rick Michaels - A public meeting will be held tonight in Milford giving residents a chance to go over information town officials have now released about the possible purchase of the Milford Water Company.  The Milford Board of Selectmen continue to analyze the benefits of purchasing the privately-owned company understanding the financial and administrative feasibility of owning and operating the town’s water supply.  The already agreed upon price has been put at 63-million dollars.  It would be financed by a 30-year standard revenue bond.  Milford Selectmen have released some key facts about the proposed acquisition along with some frequently asked questions like why is Milford considering purchasing the Milford Water Company now?  Would water quality improve?  Will it mean an increase in taxes or the rates for water to help pay for the purchase?   In September, Town Meeting members will vote on the acquisition following a number of public forums.. providing residents with up to date information.  You can find the latest information on the town’s website and the first such forum will be held to discuss the information compiled so far and ask questions when Milford residents meet at seven o’clock tonight at Town Hall.