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01 / 25 / 2017
  - 03:39:22 PM
Milford Man Faces Drug Charges

By MyFM's Rick Michaels - A Milford man is facing a drug charge following a call to Milford Police from the Emergency Room at Milford Regional Medical Center.  29-year old James Veduccio is charged with possession of a class “E” drug with intent to distribute.  A person working in the ER called police because Veduccio was carrying an unknown substance.  He was in the ER at around eight o’clock last night.  Earlier in the day, Milford police were called to Veduccios’ residence for a report of a possible drug overdose around one o’clock in the afternoon at which time a 29-year old man was given two-doses of narcan, the drug that counter-acts the life-threatening effects of an Opioid overdose.