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08 / 03 / 2017
  - 07:18:01 AM
Milford Continues Review of Water Company Purchase

By MyFM's Rick Micahels - As the Town of Milford continues to review the possible purchase of the Milford Water Company and while a hearing on a requested rate hike by the company before the Department of Public Utilities is about a month away, customers are being told the water conservation level has been upgraded.  The Milford Water Company is currently on a Stage II mandatory water conservation level where outdoor water usage is allowed between 7pm and 7am on an odd/even basis for the washing of vehicles, any power washing, filling of pools and the use of automatic irrigation systems.  The company does monitor for violators.  Subsequent violations will result in the termination of water service.   Meanwhile the Milford Board of Selectmen continue to review the finances and assess the overall condition of the Milford Water Company.  The town may decide to purchase the company for a mutually agreed price of 63 million dollars.  As for the proposed rate hike of almost 30-percent, at this time it’s before the D-P-U for consideration.