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06 / 29 / 2017
  - 11:37:30 AM
Medway Reverses Decision To Charge For Extra Recycling Carts

By MyFM's Rick Michaels - The Medway Board of Selectmen is reversing an earlier decision to charge residents 50 dollars for extra recycling carts.  Medway is entering into a new contract with Waste Management for the 2018 fiscal year and is faced with 100 thousand dollars in new charges for “special item pick-ups”.  To avoid a rate increase, some changes were put in place.  However, after receiving input from residents and checking with town officials, Medway Selectmen voted unanimously to eliminate the 50-dollar charge for the limited number of residents who have the extra recycling carts and will revisit the topic next spring.  Beginning July 1st other changes will take effect, including limiting residents to four-calls for “special item pick-ups”, finding out some homes had been calling for as many as 40-pick ups in one-year.