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08 / 24 / 2017
  - 07:07:20 AM
Kidnapping Phone Scams Continue

By MyFM's Rick Michaels - Another town is issuing a warning to its residents about scammers, who continue to come up with ways to steal your money.  Mansfield Police received a call from a father who was convinced his daughter had been kidnapped.  It turns out, as his wife was on the phone with the so-called ‘kidnapper” on the way to Wal-Mart in Walpole to send money via Western Union, the daughter was on the phone with another “kidnapper”  claiming to have her mother.  The daughter was at the Bellingham Wal-Mart ready to send money however Bellingham Police were able to locate the daughter and stopped both women from wiring money to the scammers who kept both women on the phone to prevent them from contacting each other to see if they were safe.  In the past week a number of Bellingham residents called police about the I-R-S issuing arrest warrants if a payment wasn’t made to clear up their account…no question a scam.  Last month in Franklin a grandmother was called to say her grandson was sick in Florida and the scammer was telling her he needed money for medical attention.  Again it was a scam, the grandson was actually in Florida, something easily found out through social media.