05 / 05 / 2017
  - 11:21:44 AM
Is Baltimore Now Boston’s Biggest Rival In Sports?

By MyFM's Jack Archer - Over the course of the past few weeks we’ve really seen the Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles rivalry heat up. Over the season, we’ve seen the Celtics and Wizards take their bad blood to a new level as well. So when I was flipping back and forth between the Red Sox versus Orioles game and the Celtics versus Wizards playoff game the other night, I got thinking. Is the Baltimore and Washington area now Boston’s biggest rival when it comes to sports?

Well, for a long time now the Patriots and Ravens have been going at it and they don’t seem to like each other very much. Between the trash talking from players like Terrell Suggs and the whining from Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh, they are an easy group to dislike. They are our chief competition though and they are the one team besides the Giants I have any hesitation about facing.

The fan bases seem to clash pretty hard and both teams have won their share of the games against each other. Of course, the Patriots have the edge but they have the edge on pretty much every team in the NFL. I just think that if there’s one rival for the Pats now it’s not the Jets, Colts or Broncos. It’s the Ravens. Any time they play it’s a big game and although I don’t respect their organization, I respect the fact that they’ll usually give us a run for our money.

When it comes to the Celtics, I’d say that the Wizards are their main rival right now. To be a rival, you kind of need to be on somewhat of an even playing field and the Celtics and Wizards are. The same can’t be said for the C’s with the Cavaliers or the Warriors even though they handle the Warriors pretty well and the Cavaliers are our chief competition and a very hateable opponent.

Obviously, the Lakers are the Celtics ultimate rival and always will be, but that has died down in recent years because Los Angeles just hasn’t been relevant. The Raptors are another team you could consider because they are in the East and are of a similar skill level to the Celtics, but there just isn’t any juice there to make it a rivalry as of right now.

The Wizards have just recently become the Celtics main rival over the past year or two and now this playoff series between them is definitely going to stoke the flames. These two groups have gotten in scuffles and do not like each other at all. I’d expect some more fireworks before this series is over with.

I feel like I don’t even really need to go over the Red Sox and Orioles rivalry right now because it’s just everywhere you look. It’s getting really heated and may be approaching old school Red Sox and Yankees levels of hate. The fact that a brawl has not happened yet boggles my mind because the tension is so palpable. Much like the Celtics and the Lakers, the Red Sox and Yankees will always be chief rivals above all else but the past few years have just cooled it off so much that at this point there isn’t anything there. It’s the Sox and O’s and it looks like it might be for a while.

If you wanted to stretch this into the four major sports and add the Bruins in, the case falls apart because the Capitals really aren’t a rival of the Bruins. They are in the same conference but they are just much better and there just isn’t any fire there. But that’s okay because getting three out of the four major sports is good enough for me to declare that the DMV (D.C.-Maryland-Virginia) area is Boston’s greatest sports rival today.


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