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08 / 15 / 2017
  - 08:14:45 PM
Hopedale Shooting Hoax Could Be A Trend

By MyFM's Rick Michaels - The investigation of a reported shooting in Hopedale that turned out to be hoax is continuing today.  Police in Hopedale and from a number of surrounding towns, including Milford and Mendon, responded to 44 Mendon Street Sunday night after a call from an alleged 12-year old boy was telling Hopedale Police his mom shot his dad and he was hiding under the bed.  The home was surrounded by a huge police presence and, after eventually entering the home, found no evidence of a shooting.  They also checked 44 Inman Street followed by a well-being check of the area and found nothing.  This is being looked at as an instance of so-called ‘swatting’, where someone pranks or is looking for revenge against a person and calls police to report a crime is happening at that person's home.