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12 / 28 / 2017
  - 10:52:26 AM
Holliston Tobacco Age Increases on Monday

By MyFM's Rick Michaels - Beginning on Monday a few more towns across the State will increase the minimum age to sell tobacco products including the town of Holliston.  On January 1st, the ten tobacco retailers in Holliston  will need to make sure those buying cigarettes, or any tobacco product, are at least 21-years of age.  The Holliston Board of Health signed the move to increase the age from 18-21, at its April meeting after listening to information and comments during a public hearing in March.  The initiative was proposed by a pediatrician, Doctor Lester Hartman, who claimed 14-year olds have access to 18-year olds but not to 21-year olds and retailers will not go out of business citing the town of Needham, the first town to  implement raising the minimum age, where no business has closed up shop since the age went from 18-to-21 to buy smokes.   Some Holliston residents favored keeping it at 18 since 18-year olds can go to war and get married.  The town last month sent out Tobacco 21 reminders to schools, police and fire departments, doctors in town, youth groups and churches that the regulation takes effect the first day of 2018.