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05 / 12 / 2017
  - 01:04:52 PM
Holliston Takes Steps To Correct Water Issues

By MyFM's Rick Michaels - The Holliston Water Department is letting customers know that the town’s water system is not in compliance with the State’s drinking water standards as it relates to a couple of byproducts of the Chlorine disinfection process.  This is NOT an emergency, there is no immediate risk, however there are some residents, who if they drink the water, may be at a greater risk over the long term of developing serious complications.  The Holliston Water Company says every three-months levels are monitored.  At this time, two by-products, Tri-halo-men-thanes and Halo-acetic acids, exceeded the maximum contaminant levels.  The entire water system has been flushed in an effort to reduce the levels and new equipment has been installed to help contain these levels and additional sampling is being done.  More information is available on the town’s website.