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04 / 22 / 2015
  - 02:35:14 PM
Former Milford Police Sergeant Admits to Sufficient Facts

A certain fall from grace again for a former Milford police sergeant, Ed Pomponio.  He admitted to sufficient facts for a guilty finding on a charge of obstructing justice and destruction of evidence while working as a police officer in Ashland.  The judge ruled that Pomponio will face jail time and the charges were continued without a finding for three and a half years.  Another charge of intimidating a witness was placed on file with no finding.  Pomponio had been accused of destroying evidence in a drug case and of intimidating Officer John Driscoll, who was leading the investigation.  In 2011 while serving as the evidence officer in Ashland, Pomponio took prescription drug pills from a locker.  The drug case was dismissed.  In 2014, amid turmoil in the department, Pomponio was fired.  As a result of this case his days as a police officer are over, he can no longer serve in that capacity or as a public official.  He may retain his seat as a town meeting member in Milford.