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02 / 21 / 2017
  - 12:00:45 PM
Counterfeit Bills Found in Milford

By MyFM's Rick Michaels - If you were walking along Main Street in Milford this morning and found a 100 dollar bill you might think it’s your lucky day.  Well, it’s not and you weren’t alone.  Come to find out someone was leaving these counterfeit 100 dollar bills on the ground in the area of Main and Exchange Streets late this morning.  Milford Police Chief Tom O’Loughlin says a representative from the Milford Federal Savings and Loan also called police about the counterfeit bills, which Chief O’Loughlin says look like the real thing except for some Chinese writing on them.  The Chief sent out a reverse 9-1-1 call about an hour ago asking residents if they find a bill to turn it into the police station.  So far they’ve recovered a few of them.  Businesses need to double check any 100-dollar bills.  Again apparently some Chinese writing on them identifies these bills as being counterfeit.