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04 / 17 / 2017
  - 07:56:13 PM
Celtics Drop An Emotional Game 1

By MyFM's Jake Archer - The first game of the Celtics postseason was very different than most other playoff games. Star point guard Isaiah Thomas had just lost his 22-year-old sister in a tragic car crash the day before and he would be playing with a heavy heart. Really, the whole team would be playing with a lot of emotions as they hurt for their brother. To a fan, this game just felt like a moment where Boston needed to show it’s appreciation for Thomas.

Thomas has become a real fan favorite and a part of the community in Boston over his short time here. Often we get so caught up in the games and don’t think about the people playing them, which is sad. Yesterday though, the city showed their support for a person and a family, not just a player. I take exception to the thought that it would be any different if it weren’t a star player, and rather the last guy on the bench. This moment was about picking someone up, plain and simple.

The fact that Thomas decided to play was amazing, because no one would begrudge him for shutting it down. Not only did he play, but also he played very well, which I guess is what I expected from a guy like him. Isaiah has a huge heart and just seems like a guy who would go out and give it his all even when things are extremely difficult.

The part that hurts me is that the Celtics couldn’t deliver him a win. Against an eighth-seeded Bulls team, at home, when Thomas gives you a superstar performance, you have to win the game. Boston couldn’t get it done though, as they dropped Game 1 by a score of 106-102.

I hate to even get into the x’s and o’s of the game or talk about moving forward. Losing this game wasn’t bad because it’s the playoffs, it was bad because we love Isaiah.