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11 / 16 / 2017
  - 04:55:44 PM
Brian Murray Assists With Water System Purchase

By MyFM's Rick Michaels - State Representative Brian Murray of Milford is assisting the town of Milford with a bill that would authorize the borrowing for purchase and establishing a system for supplying water for a period of 40-years instead of the 30-years currently allowed by State Law.  Murray, along with Town Counsel Gerry Moody, testified before the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government explaining the purchase of the Milford Water Company would best benefit the residents if there was a 40-year borrowing period thus significantly reducing the impact on ratepayers and free-up money for the many capital improvements that can be undertaken.  Following the testimony by Murray and Moody, the Joint Committee went into executive session and voted unanimously in favor of the bill which will now make its’ way through the Legislature.