08 / 24 / 2017
  - 07:00:00 PM
Birth Cafe

Join us for an evening of birth talk and tea! 
In the birth cafe we come together to share our birth stories, in a safe space free of judgment and unsolicited advice. 

How often do we actually get to connect with others and talk about what we experienced during pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum birth openly in the world? (Without the "you know what you *should* have done"s)

When people learn that I'm a doula birth circles tend to form around me naturally; in waiting rooms, at gatherings, the tire shop (true story)...and I've come to know that people love sharing their birth stories when given the opportunity to be witnessed.

Hospital, homebirth, unmediated, cesarean, multiples, medicated, VBAC, breech, bring it all! Your stories postpartum bodies and life after birth are welcome as well.

This cafe is open to mothers, pregnant parents, transgender and genderqueer folks, grandmothers and birth professionals. 

Fee: $10
89 Main St. Suite 205
Medway, MA

Please note:
While there will be space to share the difficult aspects of birth and postpartum recovery, it's important to note that this cafe is not designed to be a bereavement support group for processing deeply traumatic birth experiences. 
As a full spectrum, trauma informed birthworker Rebecca is available to hold space for individual or group shares on topics including traumatic birth experiences, miscarriage and abortion at a later scheduled date.

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