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12 / 17 / 2015
  - 05:24:00 PM
10 Questions With Salty Johnson

What is the mythology behind the man, Salty Johnson?

Stories of having fun, a few drinks, and occasionally removing clothes on stage.....All true.

Is Josh a totally different guy?

To a point. I would say Josh tries to be more mature and responsible. Obviously I have mixed results. I guess Salty is the stress release of Josh.  Being able to have a night out and pretty much do whatever you want to do on stage is a great thing!

I get the feeling Salty Johnson Band has an awesome quote on living life.  What is it?

"Never take yourself to seriously". That's a quote from Hubert Jass, our first lead guitar player. RIP.

When a new member joins the band do you stress over the thought of coming up with a good nickname?

Good question lol....I always give them the option to pick their own and if they don't then the band decides. They usually pick their own.

What was one of your craziest gigs ever?

One of our first shows was at a VFW and there were a few rednecks that started a brawl right by where we were playing.  So naturally we kicked into the Dukes of Hazzard theme song to get them even more riled up. It was Awesome!!

Glasses High is a Salty Johnson original.  What’s the story behind that song?

The song was written by Clint Torres and Willie Dicker. Paying homage to losing one of us. So in the moment we sing the song we are remembering the great times we've had with the fallen loved ones. Also a great opportunity to consume mass quantities of alcohol.

What would “Salty” be doing if he wasn’t singing?

Probably a roadie for Rich Teter

Name three songs that Salty kills on a regular basis?

How You Like Me Now

Purple Rain

Irish Drinking Song

The Black Eyed Peas asked “Where is the love?”  What’s the answer?

You would have to ask them but for me it's on stage and at home.

You are stuck on a desserted island… that’s an island full of tasty desserts.  What three sweet treats are you hoping will be there?

Hopefully my bride to be would be covered in the three!

1. pecan pie

2. peanut butter fudge

3. chocolate chip ice cream


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