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Money and the Law

Saturdays at 9am

Hosts - John Drohan and Jay Marsden

Money and the Law is a weekly program that takes an in-depth and look at both the financial and legal challenges that people face every day.  Although the subject matter is quite serious, our hosts season their in-depth analysis with lightening-humor and razor-sharp wit.  John and Jay strive to explain the sometimes complex issues as if they were answering a question at a back-yard BBQ.  They have the uncanny ability to shine the light of truth on such topics as estate planning, saving for retirement and college, preparing your will or how to manage your 401k while seamlessly integrating the latest blockbuster movies or insight into classic rock and roll.  Having been in practice for a combined 33 years, the stars bring nearly a lifetime of knowledge and experience for our listeners’ enjoyment and education.  
Contact Jay Marsden at The Marsden Law Group at jay@jmarsdenlaw.com or 617.306.1572    jmarsdenlaw.com
Contact John Drohan at Main Effort Financial at jdrohan@maineffort.com or 508.893.9990 maineffort.com
John Drohan Disclaimer:   Securities and Investment Advisory Services offered through Sage Point Financial, Inc.  FINRA/SIPC. Main Effort Financial, Inc. is a separate entity from Sage Point Financial, Inc.