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Pet Sense

Saturdays at 8am

Host - Dr. Susan Adams-Conley

About the Show

Each week Dr. Sue will discuss topics relating to your furry friend at home.  Pet care, health, treatments and more.  She'll talk to experts in the field of pet care.  And she'll even discuss matters involving other types of pets other than traditional cats and dogs.

About Bellingham Animal Hospital

Bellingham Animal Hospital was originally started by Dr. Fabricotti in the late 1950s, and was then purchased by Dr. Ken Shea in the 1970s. Dr. Adams-Conley currently owns the practice and has established long lasting relationships with her patients through over 20 years of experience practicing at this facility.

Their Doctors and staff love animals, and that is why they work there. They pay attention to the details and care about the well being of each and every pet that they care for. Their goal is to offer compassionate care, while keeping levels of communication high, keeping you informed of every step of your pets care.