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The Rich Rainville Oldies Show

The Rich Rainville Oldies Show - Sundays at 11am

Host - Rich Rainville


About Rich

Hi I’m Rich Rainville, remember me, here is my story:

I always loved music and listening to the radio in the 60’s and 70’s while growing up. I even would play with the stereo in our home as a youngster. One time my mom had to tie a rope around the stereo so I wouldn’t play with it. I used to call Mike Austin at WMRC in Milford on his Friday and Saturday night shows. My fascination with radio peaked when a friend invited me to join him and his Boy Scouts in a visit to WMRC. I was more than very intrigued and decided then and there that radio was what I wanted to do with my life.  Shortly after, WMRC started an explorer post through the Boy Scout organization, having the radio fever I was one of the first members. After graduating from Milford High in 1977 I attended 1 year at Dean Junior College in Franklin as a Communications major. I hosted two weekly shows on the college radio station WGAO FM, Wednesday afternoons from 3-5 I played easy listening, and Saturday nights a regular music show. I did not finish my Associates degree at Dean as I felt I learned what I needed to know to pursue a radio career. Dean also prepared me to get my FCC license to operate a radio station, which was required in 1978. Not long after leaving Dean, WMRC Program and News director Ed Thompson hired me as a part time staff announcer. I was responsible for making sure the station ran properly, stayed on the air, and do news live every half hour. While at WMRC part time I was called upon to do many tasks including news, make sure the station ran smoothly, fill-in shifts, sports, live broadcasts and prepare programs for air. You name it I did it at WMRC, including assisting moving the station to its current location. Ed told me some years later that he could not have run the station without me, this was quite a compliment!! I spent many GREAT (could be near 27) years doing on air, live broadcasts and other tasks for WMRC part time, and loved every minute! I did have the good fortune to work at 4 radio stations, part time in my career. Along with WMRC 1490AM I worked at WSRO 1470AM in Marlboro, on air, live broadcasts and fill in for about 3 years. I then moved on to WXLO 104.5FM  in Worcester were I was responsible for running a syndicated oldies show and for a time was on air Sunday nights from 6pm to 12midnight and fill in. I worked at WXLO part time for 10 years.  I then worked again part time for WCRN 830AM in Worcester, running recorded programs and some on air with Christian music. I also did some part time work with the Milford cable company, then decided that radio was more interesting and left cable. Many thanks to Ed Thompson for giving me my start in 1978!!!! The years were GREAT!! Radio never panned out however to be a full time career for me after all, not stable enough. My 2 hobbies are of course radio and lighting and sound for live theatre, working with The Milford Theatre Guild and 3 other theatre organizations for many years.  I worked many places full time over the years including, the former Neico Microwave in Hopkinton, Waters in Milford, M.P. Video in Hopkinton, Boston Scientific in Milford and my current position for Bose Corporation in Westborough, were I have been employed for the last 18 years full time doing sales and service. I recently re-joined WMRC, my first station, to play the oldies from the 60’s and 70’s on Sunday starting at 11am. I hope you will join me, we’ll have a BLAST FROM THE PAST!!!!! It will be fun and great to have you with me!! Enjoy!!!!! Thanks!!!!!! Rich


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